5-in-1 Multi-Process MIG Welder – 220 A – 220 V – synergy – Duty Cycle 60 %

MIG-230 MIG welder is a dual-voltage MIG welders combine the versatility of welding with a 220V input with the high power output available from a 380V outlet all in one machine. MIG-230 5-in-1 Multi-Process MIG Welding Machine, specially designed for MIG/MAG, LIFT TIG, MMA, and FLUX CORED Wire welding, and renowned for its expertise in handling thin metal materials.
The MIG/MAG welder combines flexibility with precision
Want precise welding results with MIG MAG welding while still remaining flexible? Then use the MIG MAG welder MIG-230 from Perfect Power! Thanks to the latest IGBT inverter technology, the compact MIG welder with synergy is adjusted to a wide range of welding parameters. In addition, it offers you the option of using a TIG Lift-Arc torch (not included). If you want to weld without gas, then use it as an electrode welder or with flux cored wire. This means that with the MIG MAG welder you are ideally equipped for any welding job.

Only the best settings for your MIG/MAG shielded arc welder

On the clearly designed control panel of the MIG MAG shielded arc welder, you will find numerous setting options in addition to the selection of the welding method. These include the type of gas or wire gauge you use for MIG or MAG welding. With the synergy function, you can optimally coordinate all parameters and achieve first-class results in MIG/MAG welding. Basic welding parameters such as welding current, voltage or wire speed are always visible on two LEDs.

The welding current and the welding voltage (MIG) are continuously adjustable via a control dial. At a maximum welding current power of 220 A, you will achieve a duty cycle of 60 % with the shielding gas welder.

5-in-1 Multi-Process MIG Welder - 220 A - 230 V - synergy - Duty Cycle 60 %

5-in-1 Multi-Process MIG Welder – 220 A – 230 V – synergy – Duty Cycle 60 %

Enhance your welding experience with the MIG/MAG welder 220 V

The reel compartment for the wire spools up to 200 mm is already integrated in the compact MIG MAG welder. Use wires with a diameter of 0.6-1.0 mm for MIG/MAG welding. The MIG/MAG welder 220 V feeds these to the MIG torch at a wire speed of 2-15 m/min. Want to weld with wire without gas? Then use flux wire and adjust the polarity on the unit accordingly.

Electrode welding is available for repair work or for outdoor welding applications. The shielding gas is already integrated in the sheath of the electrode with a diameter of 4 mm. Thanks to the Hot Start, Arc Force and Anti-Stick functions, you will achieve the best welding results. Hot Start briefly increases the welding current at the start of your welding job which means you will get optimum welds right from the start. Thanks to arc force, you can weld with a more stable arc. Anti-stick prevents the electrode from sticking.

By means of an additional TIG welding torch with external gas connection (not included in delivery) you use this welding machine in welding mode TIG with Lift-Arc ignition. Compared to high-frequency ignition, this has the advantage that sensitive electronic devices in the vicinity, for example mobile phones, computers or control systems, are not disturbed. To do this, select the corresponding function on the control panel.

Use the professional MIG MAG welder with modern IGBT inverter technology for effective welding work for a wide range of work situations and metals, such as iron, steel and their alloys, cast iron, nickel or copper. Thanks to its compact design and practical handle, it is at your side wherever you go.

TIG Welder – 200A – IGBT For Crafts Businesses Or Hobby Workshops

Whether it be for crafts businesses or hobby workshops, the TIG-200PI AC DC TIG welder by Perfect Power welds with high precision and flexibility. Its welding current ranges from 20 to 200 A, allowing you to use either the TIG or the MMA welding method, depending on the type of metal and your welding conditions. In addition to that, thin metal sheets are perfectly suitable for this welder.

During its welding process, the TIG-200PI IGBT TIG welding machine employs direct current (DC), thus enabling it to be used for almost all types of melting metal, including their alloys such as aluminum, copper, nickel, titanium or steel. Another advantage of this welder is its ability to be used from different positions, be them over head or vertically. The welding process is characterised by its particularly clean processing of weld seam, as well as its ability to avoid creating any splashes.

With its powerful IGBT-inverter, this TIG Welder is able to quickly switch between welding processes, thus delivering high-quality welds with a very low error rate. Additionally, its clearly structured control panel offers complete control over the necessary welding parameters. For instance, you can freely adjust the amperage and the voltage, switch between 2-stroke or 4-stroke operations, or choose the welding process you require.

TIG Welder - 200A - IGBT For Crafts Businesses Or Hobby Workshops

TIG Welder – 200A – IGBT For Crafts Businesses Or Hobby Workshops

No gas is needed when using the MMA (Manual Metal Arc) welding method of the TIG-200PI IGBT welder, which means that the device can even be used under adverse circumstances such as strong wind, all the while still delivering clean welding results by means of an electrode. MMA welding is primarily used for iron or steel, as well as alloys such as cast iron, aluminum or copper. Furthermore, this welder boasts an incredibly stable welding current, which allows it to deliver high-quality welds.

Thanks to its integrated HOT START function, the welder is secured against possible electrode ignitions, as it automatically increases its voltage upon activation. The ANTI STICK function ensures that in case the electrode gets overhetead, the welding current is turned off in order to interrupt its connection to the weldment. With our TIG-200PI IGBT welder, the use of electrodes is possible within a range of 1.6-5.0 mm.

What is more, the TIG Welder is equipped with an error display, which switches itself on in case the intrument cannot be operated due to malfunction, or in case the welding set exceeds the standard loading period. When the latter situation occurs, protection mode will automatically switch itself on, and the device will be turned off. This way, your safety is guaranteed.

In addition to the TIG welder itself, a welding torch, an electrode holder, a ground cable with clamp, as well as various accessories are also supplied.

Portable Mig Welder Needn’t Gas – FC-120 Flux Cored Wire MIG Welding Machine

We are not sure if you are interested in the gasless Flux-cored wire welding MIG/MAG machine  FC-120 MIG Welder.

It is also very convenient for household appliances and  DIY usage. As it is a compact design, lightweight,  easy to take, it is robust and can work without gas shielding.  So you needn’t connect any gas cylinder to work.   Also, It is a high-cost performance with excellent welding effect :

It has FLUX-CORED welding, MMA/STICK, and even Lift TIG welding function.

high-quality and innovative Stick welders,MIG welders,TIG welders,plasma cutters and welding supplies
high-quality and innovative Stick welders,MIG welders,TIG welders,plasma cutters and welding supplies

Please refer to its main feature as follows:

high-quality and innovative Stick welders,MIG welders,TIG welders,plasma cutters and welding supplies

You can just plug and then weld with a complete accessory set: MIG torch, earth cable, MMA welding cable, welding mask, and steel brush.

high-quality and innovative Stick welders,MIG welders,TIG welders,plasma cutters and welding supplies

We have received much positive feedback from our customers, so maybe your customers are also interested in it. Would you like to try it? We would like to give you great support for the best price and shortest delivery time for the trial order.  In addition, We both have 1/220V and  1/110V input voltage one for your choice. If you are interested in it? If there is some more you would like to know or if you have any suggestions, please just feel free to contact me. Thanks for your valuable time.

A Beginner’s Guide to MIG Welding Applications

MIG welding, a widely used welding process, emerged in the aftermath of World War II. It evolved from gas-shielded metal welding and has since become highly favored. Among all welding techniques, MIG welding stands out as the ideal choice for steel applications, particularly when working with stainless steel and mild steel.

If you’re an experienced individual seeking to enhance your DIY projects at home by adding welding wire to your arc, then MIG welding, also known as GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding), will definitely pique your interest. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of MIG welding, providing you with valuable insights and all the necessary information to help you embark on your welding journey.

What is MIG Welding?

MIG welding, a continuous arc welding technique, utilizes an inert shielding gas that flows from the torch onto the workpiece, safeguarding the welding pool. This process ensures optimal protection during the welding process.

One of the key advantages of MIG welding is its continuous wire welding nature, which makes it highly suitable for high productivity projects. Additionally, the presence of gas as a shielding agent enables the process to operate without the formation of slag, further enhancing its efficiency and cleanliness.


MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas, which is also commonly referred to as wire welding or Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW). It has gained immense popularity as one of the most widely used welding processes, following shielded metal arc (stick) welding. MIG welding is categorized among the four main types of welding processes, with the other three being Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding, Stick Welding or Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), and Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW).

MIG welding is often compared to TIG welding, which stands for Tungsten Inert Gas. Let’s explore the differences between these two welding procedures.

MIG Welding vs. TIG Welding
MIG WeldingTIG Welding
MeaningMetal lnert Gas WeldingTungsten Inert Gas Welding
ApplicationThe main gas used is argon argon/helium mixtures can be used for welding all gradesMIG welding is used for stainless and mild steel, aluminum and aluminum alloys, titanium, copper, and other non-ferrous metals.
Gases UsedMIG welding is used for stainless and mild steel, aluminum and aluminum alloys, titanium,copper, and other non-ferrous metals.The inert gases argon, helium, or a mixture of both gases are used as the gas, as they do not react with the material.

MIG Welding vs. TIG Welding

The Science Behind MIG Welding

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding harnesses the power of electricity to melt and join metal pieces, resulting in robust, long-lasting, and visually appealing welds. This welding technique relies on the utilization of shielding gas, which serves two crucial purposes: preventing contamination or oxidation of the weld pool and reducing the combustibility of the materials involved. Through the careful application of shielding gas, MIG welding ensures high-quality welds with excellent durability and aesthetic appeal.


In MIG welding, an electrical current is utilized to generate an arc between an electrode wire and the metal piece intended for welding. This arc causes the wire to melt and be deposited, thereby creating the actual weld. The process takes place at the nozzle of the MIG torch, which resembles a handheld fuel dispensing gun. As the torch operates, it simultaneously supplies the electrode wire and inert shielding gas into the weld. Once the heat source, represented by the torch, is removed, the weld pool cools down, solidifies, and transforms into a newly formed molten metal, thus completing the weld.

What Supplies Do You Need to MIG Weld?

When you are prepared to begin MIG welding, it’s essential to have the following supplies on hand:

  1. MIG Welding Machine: An appropriate MIG welding machine that suits your specific welding needs.
  2. Welding Helmet: A high-quality welding helmet with proper eye protection and a shield to safeguard your face and eyes from sparks, UV rays, and debris.
  3. Welding Gloves: Heat-resistant gloves that provide excellent dexterity and protection for your hands while handling hot materials.
  4. Welding Apron: A durable welding apron to shield your body and clothing from sparks, splatter, and potential burns.
  5. Welding Jacket: A flame-resistant jacket or coat designed for welding purposes to provide added protection to your upper body.
  6. Welding Electrodes/Wire: The appropriate type and size of welding electrodes or wire suitable for your welding project and the metal you are working with.
  7. Welding Gas: The specific shielding gas required for your welding process, such as a mixture of argon and carbon dioxide (CO2) or pure argon gas.
  8. Wire Brush: A wire brush for cleaning the weld joint and removing any debris or impurities before welding.
  9. Clamp or Magnet: Clamps or magnets to secure the workpiece in place and ensure stability during welding.
  10. Safety Equipment: Additional safety equipment such as earplugs, safety glasses, and protective clothing to ensure your overall safety while welding.

Having these supplies readily available will enable you to start your MIG welding journey smoothly and safely.

MIG Welding Applications

MIG welding offers a relatively gentle learning curve compared to TIG welding or traditional oxyacetylene welding. It is a versatile technique employed by both beginners and seasoned professionals. Let’s explore some of the applications where MIG welding finds its use:

  1. Automotive Repairs: MIG welding is widely utilized in the automotive industry for repairing body panels, exhaust systems, and fabricating custom parts.
  2. Metal Fabrication: This welding process is favored in metal fabrication shops for joining and assembling various metal components, such as gates, fences, frames, and structural elements.
  3. Home DIY Projects: MIG welding appeals to DIY enthusiasts who undertake projects involving metalwork, such as building furniture, creating metal sculptures, or repairing household items.
  4. Industrial Manufacturing: MIG welding is commonly employed in industrial settings for mass production of metal products, including machinery, equipment, and structural components.
  5. Maintenance and Repair Work: Whether it’s fixing agricultural machinery, industrial equipment, or repairing metal structures, MIG welding is a reliable choice for efficient and effective repairs.
  6. Shipbuilding and Marine Applications: MIG welding plays a significant role in the construction of ships, boats, and other marine vessels, ensuring strong and durable welds that withstand harsh marine environments.
  7. HVAC Systems: MIG welding is utilized in the fabrication and installation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, including ductwork and components.
  8. Artistic Creations: Artists and sculptors utilize MIG welding to bring their creative visions to life, shaping and joining metal to create unique and expressive works of art.

These are just a few examples of the diverse range of applications where MIG welding proves its versatility and utility.

MIG Welding Pros and Cons

MIG welding offers several advantages, with the absence of slag production being a key benefit. It is particularly advantageous for hobby welders. However, it is important to note that no welding technique is universally perfect for all applications, and MIG welding is no exception. Here is an overview of the most common pros and cons associated with metal inert gas welding:

Pros of MIG Welding:

  1. No Slag Formation: MIG welding produces clean and tidy welds without the need for slag removal, saving time and effort.
  2. High Productivity: The continuous wire feed and faster deposition rate make MIG welding highly efficient, allowing for increased productivity.
  3. Versatility: MIG welding can be used on a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, and copper alloys.
  4. Easy to Learn: MIG welding has a relatively short learning curve, making it accessible to beginners and hobbyists.
  5. All-Position Welding: MIG welding can be performed in various positions, including flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead, providing versatility in different welding scenarios.

Cons of MIG Welding:

  1. Limited Portability: MIG welding requires a power source and shielding gas, making it less portable compared to some other welding techniques.
  2. Surface Preparation: Proper cleaning and preparation of the workpiece are crucial for successful MIG welding, requiring attention to detail and cleanliness.
  3. Wind Sensitivity: MIG welding can be affected by wind, as the shielding gas can be blown away, leading to poor weld quality if not adequately protected.
  4. Equipment Cost: MIG welding machines and associated equipment can be more expensive compared to some other welding methods.
  5. Thin Material Limitation: MIG welding may not be suitable for very thin materials, as it can lead to burn-through or warping if not performed carefully.

It is important to evaluate the specific requirements of each welding project and consider these pros and cons to determine if MIG welding is the most suitable technique for the task at hand.

MIG Welding FAQ

  1. What does MIG stand for in welding? MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas, which is a welding process also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW).
  2. How does MIG welding work? In MIG welding, an electrical current is used to create an arc between the electrode wire and the metal to be welded. The arc melts the wire, which is then deposited to form the weld. A shielding gas is also used to protect the weld from contamination.
  3. What types of metals can be welded using MIG welding? MIG welding is suitable for welding a variety of metals, including stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, copper alloys, and some other non-ferrous metals.
  4. What are the advantages of MIG welding? Some advantages of MIG welding include high productivity, clean welds without slag, versatility in material usage, and relatively easy learning curve for beginners.
  5. Is MIG welding suitable for beginners? Yes, MIG welding is often recommended for beginners due to its ease of use and shorter learning curve compared to other welding techniques.
  6. What safety precautions should be taken when MIG welding? When MIG welding, it is important to wear proper safety gear, such as a welding helmet, gloves, and protective clothing. Adequate ventilation and eye protection are also crucial. Additionally, ensuring a safe work environment and proper handling of equipment and materials is essential.
  7. Can MIG welding be used for outdoor welding? MIG welding can be used outdoors, but precautions should be taken to protect the shielding gas from wind interference, which can affect weld quality. Wind screens or suitable shielding measures may be necessary.
  8. How do I choose the right MIG welding machine? When selecting a MIG welding machine, consider factors such as the intended application, metal thickness, power requirements, and available features. It is advisable to consult with experts or review product specifications to choose the most suitable machine for your specific needs.
  9. Can MIG welding be used for thin materials? While MIG welding can be used for thin materials, it requires proper technique and settings to prevent burn-through or distortion. It is recommended to practice on scrap materials and adjust the parameters accordingly.
  10. What maintenance is required for MIG welding equipment? Regular maintenance includes cleaning the welding gun, checking and replacing consumables (such as contact tips and nozzles), and ensuring proper wire feeding and gas flow. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific maintenance procedures.

Remember, it is always advisable to consult professional welders or refer to welding guides for specific guidance and further details regarding MIG welding techniques and safety practices.

Best Flux Core Welding Machine – MIG Welders Reviews

Flux core welding and general MIG welding are similar methods used for both outdoor and indoor welding projects. However, flux core welding has certain advantages, especially when dealing with metals that are prone to galvanization, rusting, and other forms of corrosion. For hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts, a flux core welder is a more suitable choice.

To assist you in making an informed purchase decision, we have compiled reviews of the best flux core welders available for online purchase. Additionally, we have included a detailed buying guide that highlights important parameters to consider before making your final decision.

Please let me know if you would like to proceed with the reviews and buying guide.

Why Should You Use Flux Core Welding?

Flux core welding, also known as Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW), is indeed very similar to MIG welding, which is also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW). Both methods involve welding through an arc formed between the electrode wire and the target metal, resulting in a strong and solid bond.

The main difference between FCAW and MIG welding lies in the use of shielding gas. MIG welding uses an inert blend of gases to protect the electrode from contamination and ensure a clean finish. This gas is supplied from a tank, making the MIG setup more complex and challenging to use, as well as more costly.

On the other hand, a flux core welder is more straightforward and convenient to use because it does not require external shielding gas. Instead, it uses the flux from the electrode wire to generate the necessary gases, covering the weld and protecting it from contamination. This eliminates the need for gas bottles and makes the setup more cost-effective and user-friendly.

The advantages of flux core welding, such as its simplicity and cost-effectiveness, make it an appealing choice for many welders, both professionals seeking high productivity and amateurs welding as a hobby. In essence, flux core welding is very similar to MIG welding, with the primary difference being the use of flux to create the required gases instead of relying on external gas connections.

If you need further clarification or have more questions, feel free to ask.

Are They Good For Beginner Welding at Home

Flux core welders are popular in the home use market because of their affordability and convenience, especially for people who don’t weld on a daily basis. These machines are designed with lighter specifications and are not suitable for heavy-duty applications. As a result, their duty cycle, which refers to the percentage of time a welder can operate continuously without overheating, is often lower, typically ranging from twenty to thirty percent. While they may not meet the demands of professional welding, they are a practical choice for home users.

Flux core welding offers certain advantages over MIG setups. It provides a higher penetration factor, which means it can achieve deeper welds compared to MIG welding. Additionally, flux core welders do not always require external shielding gas, making them suitable for outdoor DIY projects where carrying gas bottles may be impractical. The continuous and consistent gas supply generated by the flux allows for high-speed welding. Moreover, the flux helps oxidize and remove impurities like rust, contributing to the welding process’s efficiency. Flux core welders are known for their fast electrode deposition rate, enabling faster completion of welding projects.

If you are a home user and need a cost-effective and efficient welding solution, a flux core welder could be a suitable choice for your needs. It provides good penetration, works well outdoors, and handles dirty metals effectively, all while being more budget-friendly than expensive MIG setups.

If you have any more questions or need further information, feel free to ask.

Our Picks for The Best Flux Core Welder

Perfect Power Welder FC-120 Flux Core Welder – Great Value For Money
Perfect Power Welder FC-120 Flux Core Welder – Great Value For Money

Perfect Power Welder FC-120 Flux Core Welder – Great Value For Money

The FC-120 Flux Core Welder is an exceptional welder that has earned its place at the top of our list. One of the key reasons for selecting this welder is its versatility, as it is suitable for both MIG and Flux core wires. For those who prefer Flux core welding, this machine proves to be an excellent choice, especially because it doesn’t require any shielding gas, making it highly convenient for beginners.

Whether you are embarking on a DIY project or need a reliable tool for household fixes in your garage, the Forney Easy Weld is a great investment. It provides a professional feel to your welding work, even if you are a beginner.

The setup of this machine is straightforward and user-friendly, making it easy to operate even for those with little welding experience. With a power supply of 220 volts at 120 amps, this welder can handle welding tasks on materials up to 24 gauge thickness and up to one-fourth of an inch. Its compatibility with both two and ten-pound spools gives you flexibility in your welding projects, and you won’t have to worry much about the spool types as a novice.

In terms of performance, the Forney Easy Weld delivers high-quality results similar to more premium welders, but at a more affordable price. Its balanced flux and voltage settings allow you to achieve clean metal finishes and a smoother welding experience. We put this welder to the test on various metals, and it performed admirably on all of them.

Beyond its welding capabilities, the design of the Forney Easy Weld is user-friendly, particularly catering to beginners. The operation is straightforward, without any complicated wiring setup. Additionally, its lightweight construction makes it easy to move from one place to another. If you desire consistency in your weld finishes, this lightweight yet powerful welder is the ideal choice. It offers outstanding performance in a compact package designed to handle all your welding needs.

In conclusion, the Forney Easy Weld is a top-notch welder that excels in its versatility, performance, and user-friendly design. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced welder, this machine will serve you well and deliver professional-grade results without breaking the bank.

High output range that ranges from 25 to 125 ampsSuitable only for light-duty welding jobs
High duty cycle due to high amperageMIG may not work well with this type of setup
Ability to hold up to 8 inches of spool wire
Support for two-spool types up to 10 pounds
Very straight forward design that is beginner-friendly
Pros & Cons of Perfect Power Welder FC-120 Flux Core Welder

Best TIG Welder: Top 5 expert choices from beginners to professionals

Embarking on the quest to find the perfect TIG welder can be a formidable challenge.

Whether you’re a passionate hobbyist or a seasoned professional, navigating through the multitude of available models can be overwhelming, leaving you perplexed about which one will truly meet your requirements.

As an experienced welder with a wealth of knowledge accumulated over two decades, I emphasize the significance of identifying specific features when searching for the ideal TIG welder.

Thankfully, the landscape of TIG welders has undergone a rapid transformation in the last ten years, presenting an array of options tailored to accommodate diverse budgets, while incorporating cutting-edge advancements.

In order to facilitate the process of finding the TIG welder that perfectly aligns with individual needs, I have meticulously curated a list of the top five TIG welders currently dominating the market.

TIG-200PL AC DC TIG Welder Best overall
TIG-200PL AC DC TIG Welder Best overall
TIG-200 TIG Inverter Welding Machine With MMA Function Great choice
TIG-200 TIG Inverter Welding Machine With MMA Function Great choice
TIG-200P AC DC TIG Inverter Welding Machine Best portable and lightweight
TIG-200P AC DC TIG Inverter Welding Machine Best portable and lightweight
TIG-315PW AC DC IGBT Inverter TIG AC DC Welding Machine Best for aluminum
TIG-315PW AC DC IGBT Inverter TIG AC DC Welding Machine Best for aluminum
TIG-200P AC DC IGBT Inverter TIG AC DC Welding Machine Best budget
TIG-200P AC DC IGBT Inverter TIG AC DC Welding Machine Best budget

CTM-418PS : 10-in-1 Multi-Process Welder Cutter

The 10-in-1 Multi-Process Welder Cutter, offered by Perfect Power Welders, is a versatile and advanced welding machine that combines ten different welding and cutting processes in a single unit. This innovative equipment is designed to meet the diverse needs of welders and fabricators, providing exceptional functionality and convenience in various applications.

10-in-1 Multi-Process Welder Cutter
10-in-1 Multi-Process Welder Cutter

Key Features

The 10-in-1 Multi-Process Welder Cutter boasts a range of impressive features that set it apart from traditional welding machines:

1. Multi-Process Capabilities

As the name suggests, this welding machine can perform ten different processes, including:

  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) or Stick Welding
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) or MIG Welding
  • Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) or TIG Welding
  • Plasma Cutting

2. Compact and Portable Design

Despite its multifunctionality, the machine is compact and portable, making it ideal for both on-site and workshop use. Its lightweight design ensures ease of transportation, enabling welders to work in various locations with ease.

3. User-Friendly Interface

The 10-in-1 Multi-Process Welder Cutter features an intuitive user interface that simplifies operation. The control panel provides easy access to various welding and cutting settings, allowing welders to adjust parameters quickly and efficiently.

4. Advanced Inverter Technology

Built with advanced inverter technology, the welding machine offers high energy efficiency and stable arc performance. The inverter technology also contributes to reducing overall power consumption, making it an environmentally friendly option.

5. High Duty Cycle

The welding machine comes with a high-duty cycle, ensuring extended periods of continuous operation without overheating. This feature enhances productivity and reduces downtime during critical welding and cutting tasks.

6. Digital Display

A digital display on the front panel provides real-time information about current settings, voltage, and amperage, allowing welders to monitor their operations closely.

7. Built-in Safety Features

Safety is a top priority in welding equipment, and the 10-in-1 Multi-Process Welder Cutter is no exception. It is equipped with built-in safety features, such as overheat protection and voltage surge protection, ensuring operator safety during operation.

8. Versatile Applications

With its diverse range of welding and cutting processes, this machine caters to a wide array of applications, including metal fabrication, construction, automotive repair, and general maintenance tasks.


The 10-in-1 Multi-Process Welder Cutter offered by Perfect Power Welders is an innovative and feature-rich welding machine that combines ten different welding and cutting processes into a single unit. Its multifunctionality, compact design, and user-friendly interface make it a valuable tool for professional welders and fabricators in various industries. Whether you need to perform MIG welding, TIG welding, stick welding, flux-cored welding, or plasma cutting, this all-in-one welding machine is a versatile and efficient solution.

For more information about the product or to make a purchase, you can visit the following link:

What’s New in Our New CTM-418PS Multi-Process Welder 6 in 1 Welder

CTM-418PS Multi-Process welder is a 6 in 1 welding machine with MIG, Pulsed MIG, Flux Cored Wire Welding, HF TIG, CUT, and MMA functions. It has a fully digital control system, intelligent synergic control, and adjustable welding parameters. The machine also features safety measures like adjustable VRD control and overheat protection. It’s perfect for aluminum welding with a 100% success rate for arc ignition and spatter-free welding.

All in 1 Welders

A Better Solution for Aluminum Welding

Pulse MIG Offers High Quality, Consistent Welding with Stable Heat Control and Fairly Low Splatter Rate Compared to Conventional MIG Welders. Therefore, it’s one of the best solutions to weld Active Metal such as Aluminum.

A Better Solution for Aluminum Welding
A Better Solution for Aluminum Welding

Non-touch Ignition HF TIG Welding

High Frequency Start TIG Welding allows for Maximum Weld Seam Quality in TIG Welding, And Non-Touch Ignition means you can position your torch accurately at all Angles.

Non-touch Ignition HF TIG Welding
Non-touch Ignition HF TIG Welding
Gas Metal ARC Welding
MIG Welding with different gasses produces different weld penetration and arc characteristics. With CTM-418PS, you can choose mixed gas or CO2 according to different welding application.
Gas Metal ARC Welding
User Friendly Synergic Mode
By simply adjusting the current button, welding parameters will be set automatically to match the current. It is that easy!                                                                                            

User Friendly Synergic Mode
Flux Core ARC Welding
     Flux core welding is a great option for welding outdoor or windy                                                                                                                        environments.
CTM-418PS 6 IN 1 Multifunctional Welder
Shielded Metal ARC Welding
Stick welding is an easy-to-operate technique ideal for beginners. With its adjustable hot start and arc force function, the CTM-418PS welder makes it easy to get started with your first projects.
Shielded Metal ARC Welding
Plasma Cutting
If you’re looking for a top of the line plasma cutter that can handle cuts on almost any type of conductive metal, then look no further than CTM-418PS.
Clean Cut up to 3/5″(15.2mm),
Severance cut up to 3/4″(20mm).
Plasma Cutting
CTM-418PS 6 IN 1 Multifunctional Welder2T/4T/Spot Timer on MIG
You can also preset the Spot welding time when pressing and holding the trigger. Spot timer is beneficial when you need to weld a constant length of weld bead on the job.
Portable Steel Unibody Construction
Weighs Merely 26lbs, you can easily carry it around to tackle projects. The Strengthened steel unibody makes the CTM-418PS Strong enough for any indoor or outdoor jobs, which also guarantees the long service life of this machine. And it offers better heat resistance and heat dissipation compare to plastic constructure.
CTM-418PS 6 IN 1 Multifunctional Welder


GMAW,SMAW,GTAW,Plasma Cutting
Rated Power Input: 110V±10%
Input Frequency: 50/60Hz
Maximum Input Current(A): 45A
Maximum Input Effective Current(A): 34.8A
Efficiency: ≥80%
Rated Duty Cycle:
60% Rated Duty Cycle at
155A / 22V(GMAW)
140A / 25.6V(SMAW)
155A / 16.4V(GTAW)
38A / 95V(Plasma Cutting)
100% Rated Duty Cycle at
123A / 20.1V(GMAW)
123A / 24.9V(SMAW)
123A / 14.9V(GTAW)
32A / 93V(Plasma Cutting)
Temperature Range:
Operating Temperature Range
-10℃~ + 40℃(14℉ ~ 104℉)
Storage Temperature Range
-25℃~+ 55℃ (-13℉ ~131℉)
Power Factor: 0.93
Insulation Class: F
Protection Class: IP21S
GMAW,SMAW,GTAW,Plasma Cutting
Rated Power Input: 220V±10%
Input Frequency: 50/60Hz
Maximum Input Current(A): 29A
Maximum Input Effective Current(A): 22.4A
Efficiency: ≥80%
Rated Duty Cycle:
60% Rated Duty Cycle at
200A / 24V(GMAW)
180A / 28V(SMAW)
200A / 18V(GTAW)
50A / 100V(Plasma Cutting)
100% Rated Duty Cycle at
154A / 21.7V(GMAW)
154A / 26.1V(SMAW)
154A / 16.1V(GTAW)
40A / 96V(Plasma Cutting)
Temperature Range:
Operating Temperature Range
-10℃~ + 40℃(14℉ ~ 104℉)
Storage Temperature Range
-25℃~+ 55℃ (-13℉ ~131℉)
Power Factor: 0.93
Insulation Class: F
Protection Class: IP21S

What’s New in Our New TIG Welder TIG 200PI AC/DC TIG Welding Machine?

Our next-generation TIG 200PI AC/DC TIG welder has taken all the best parts of the previous machine, including complete AC and DC TIG weld cycles, a high-frequency start and foot control compatibility, and improved on them. On top of all that, this machine now includes several new features to further enhance your welding experience.

LED Screen Visual Interface
The most apparent change to this machine is the brand-new, upgraded interface. It now comes with a large LED Screen Visual Interface. The clear colour screen is bright and easy to read, so navigating the screen and settings is much easier, especially in dark work environments and low light conditions.

AC Waveforms
You can now adjust your AC waveform on top of your AC frequency and balance. Completely customise your aluminium welds by switching between Sine, Square and Triangle waves to change the arc characteristics, bead profile and penetration to suit your needs.

Mixed AC/DC
Get the best of both worlds with the addition of Mixed AC/DC. Mixed AC/DC welding combines TIG AC and TIG DC negative in the one weld.

There are two periods during a mixed weld. The first is the AC period, where the oxide film is broken, and surface impurities are flushed out. The second, the DC negative period, is where the arc becomes narrower and penetrative, with higher heat inputs.

There are quite a few benefits from this type of welding, including higher welding speeds and penetration, so you can weld on thicker materials and get a faster weld puddle on cold workpieces.

Advanced MMA Features
As both a TIG and stick welder, our new TIG-200PI AC DC TIG WELDER now comes with a range of advanced MMA features as well.

We’ve added an adjustable hot start designed to help with striking an arc. The hot start temporarily boosts the output current at the start, making striking an arc, even with difficult electrodes, much easier. You get smoother arc starts, improving the quality of your weld.

We’ve also added adjustable arc force, which adjusts the current (and, therefore, the heat) based on the length of the arc. When the arc becomes shorter, the current increases to keep it stable and stop the electrode from sticking. When the arc becomes longer, the current will decrease. The level of this response is what’s adjustable on the machine.

The adjustable arc force allows you to fine-tune your arc and improve your weld’s quality and consistency, especially in tight corners or when welding overhead or vertically.

The machine also now comes with built-in anti-stick, a feature that’s designed to keep you from ever sticking an electrode again, whether you’re at the start of a weld, halfway through or about to end one.

High-Speed Air-Forced Cooling Fan

We’ve introduced an improved cooling system in these machines, and the new smart fan only turns on when the machine needs it, diminishing the noise in your work environment. It also reduces the number of contaminants and dust that get pulled into these machines, increasing the reliability and durability of them.

TIG-200PI AC DC TIG WelderTIG-200PI AC DC TIG WelderTIG-200PI AC DC TIG WelderTIG-200PI AC DC TIG Welder

Check out the new TIG-200PI AC DC TIG WELDER