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5-in-1 Multi-Process MIG Welder - 220 A - 230 V - synergy - Duty Cycle 60 %

MIG-230 MIG welder is a dual-voltage MIG welders combine the versatility of welding with a 220V input with the high power output available from a 380V outlet all in one machine. MIG-230 5-in-1 Multi-Process MIG Welding Machine, specially designed for MIG/MAG, LIFT TIG, MMA, and FLUX CORED Wire welding, and renowned for its expertise in handling thin metal materials.
The MIG/MAG welder combines flexibility with precision
Want precise welding results with MIG MAG welding while still remaining flexible? Then use the MIG MAG welder MIG-230 from Perfect Power! Thanks to the latest IGBT inverter technology, the compact MIG welder with synergy is adjusted to a wide range of welding parameters. In addition, it offers you the option of using a TIG Lift-Arc torch (not included). If you want to weld without gas, then use it as an electrode welder or with flux cored wire. This means that with the MIG MAG welder you are ideally equipped for any welding job.


On the clearly designed control panel of the MIG MAG shielded arc welder, you will find numerous setting options in addition to the selection of the welding method. These include the type of gas or wire gauge you use for MIG or MAG welding. With the synergy function, you can optimally coordinate all parameters and achieve first-class results in MIG/MAG welding. Basic welding parameters such as welding current, voltage or wire speed are always visible on two LEDs.

The welding current and the welding voltage (MIG) are continuously adjustable via a control dial. At a maximum welding current power of 220 A, you will achieve a duty cycle of 60 % with the shielding gas welder.

5-in-1 Multi-Process MIG Welder - 220 A - 230 V - synergy - Duty Cycle 60 %

5-in-1 Multi-Process MIG Welder – 220 A – 230 V – synergy – Duty Cycle 60 %


The reel compartment for the wire spools up to 200 mm is already integrated in the compact MIG MAG welder. Use wires with a diameter of 0.6-1.0 mm for MIG/MAG welding. The MIG/MAG welder 220 V feeds these to the MIG torch at a wire speed of 2-15 m/min. Want to weld with wire without gas? Then use flux wire and adjust the polarity on the unit accordingly.

Electrode welding is available for repair work or for outdoor welding applications. The shielding gas is already integrated in the sheath of the electrode with a diameter of 4 mm. Thanks to the Hot Start, Arc Force and Anti-Stick functions, you will achieve the best welding results. Hot Start briefly increases the welding current at the start of your welding job which means you will get optimum welds right from the start. Thanks to arc force, you can weld with a more stable arc. Anti-stick prevents the electrode from sticking.

By means of an additional TIG welding torch with external gas connection (not included in delivery) you use this welding machine in welding mode TIG with Lift-Arc ignition. Compared to high-frequency ignition, this has the advantage that sensitive electronic devices in the vicinity, for example mobile phones, computers or control systems, are not disturbed. To do this, select the corresponding function on the control panel.

Use the professional MIG MAG welder with modern IGBT inverter technology for effective welding work for a wide range of work situations and metals, such as iron, steel and their alloys, cast iron, nickel or copper. Thanks to its compact design and practical handle, it is at your side wherever you go.

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