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What’s New in Our New TIG Welder TIG 200PI AC/DC TIG Welding Machine?

Our next-generation TIG 200PI AC/DC TIG welder has taken all the best parts of the previous machine, including complete AC and DC TIG weld cycles, a high-frequency start and foot control compatibility, and improved on them. On top of all that, this machine now includes several new features to further enhance your welding experience.

LED Screen Visual Interface
The most apparent change to this machine is the brand-new, upgraded interface. It now comes with a large LED Screen Visual Interface. The clear colour screen is bright and easy to read, so navigating the screen and settings is much easier, especially in dark work environments and low light conditions.

AC Waveforms
You can now adjust your AC waveform on top of your AC frequency and balance. Completely customise your aluminium welds by switching between Sine, Square and Triangle waves to change the arc characteristics, bead profile and penetration to suit your needs.

Mixed AC/DC
Get the best of both worlds with the addition of Mixed AC/DC. Mixed AC/DC welding combines TIG AC and TIG DC negative in the one weld.

There are two periods during a mixed weld. The first is the AC period, where the oxide film is broken, and surface impurities are flushed out. The second, the DC negative period, is where the arc becomes narrower and penetrative, with higher heat inputs.

There are quite a few benefits from this type of welding, including higher welding speeds and penetration, so you can weld on thicker materials and get a faster weld puddle on cold workpieces.

Advanced MMA Features
As both a TIG and stick welder, our new TIG-200PI AC DC TIG WELDER now comes with a range of advanced MMA features as well.

We’ve added an adjustable hot start designed to help with striking an arc. The hot start temporarily boosts the output current at the start, making striking an arc, even with difficult electrodes, much easier. You get smoother arc starts, improving the quality of your weld.

We’ve also added adjustable arc force, which adjusts the current (and, therefore, the heat) based on the length of the arc. When the arc becomes shorter, the current increases to keep it stable and stop the electrode from sticking. When the arc becomes longer, the current will decrease. The level of this response is what’s adjustable on the machine.

The adjustable arc force allows you to fine-tune your arc and improve your weld’s quality and consistency, especially in tight corners or when welding overhead or vertically.

The machine also now comes with built-in anti-stick, a feature that’s designed to keep you from ever sticking an electrode again, whether you’re at the start of a weld, halfway through or about to end one.

High-Speed Air-Forced Cooling Fan

We’ve introduced an improved cooling system in these machines, and the new smart fan only turns on when the machine needs it, diminishing the noise in your work environment. It also reduces the number of contaminants and dust that get pulled into these machines, increasing the reliability and durability of them.

TIG-200PI AC DC TIG WelderTIG-200PI AC DC TIG WelderTIG-200PI AC DC TIG WelderTIG-200PI AC DC TIG Welder

Check out the new TIG-200PI AC DC TIG WELDER

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