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TIG Welder – 200A – IGBT For Crafts Businesses Or Hobby Workshops

Whether it be for crafts businesses or hobby workshops, the TIG-200PI AC DC TIG welder by Perfect Power welds with high precision and flexibility. Its welding current ranges from 20 to 200 A, allowing you to use either the TIG or the MMA welding method, depending on the type of metal and your welding conditions. In addition to that, thin metal sheets are perfectly suitable for this welder.

During its welding process, the TIG-200PI IGBT TIG welding machine employs direct current (DC), thus enabling it to be used for almost all types of melting metal, including their alloys such as aluminum, copper, nickel, titanium or steel. Another advantage of this welder is its ability to be used from different positions, be them over head or vertically. The welding process is characterised by its particularly clean processing of weld seam, as well as its ability to avoid creating any splashes.

With its powerful IGBT-inverter, this TIG Welder is able to quickly switch between welding processes, thus delivering high-quality welds with a very low error rate. Additionally, its clearly structured control panel offers complete control over the necessary welding parameters. For instance, you can freely adjust the amperage and the voltage, switch between 2-stroke or 4-stroke operations, or choose the welding process you require.

TIG Welder - 200A - IGBT For Crafts Businesses Or Hobby Workshops

TIG Welder – 200A – IGBT For Crafts Businesses Or Hobby Workshops

No gas is needed when using the MMA (Manual Metal Arc) welding method of the TIG-200PI IGBT welder, which means that the device can even be used under adverse circumstances such as strong wind, all the while still delivering clean welding results by means of an electrode. MMA welding is primarily used for iron or steel, as well as alloys such as cast iron, aluminum or copper. Furthermore, this welder boasts an incredibly stable welding current, which allows it to deliver high-quality welds.

Thanks to its integrated HOT START function, the welder is secured against possible electrode ignitions, as it automatically increases its voltage upon activation. The ANTI STICK function ensures that in case the electrode gets overhetead, the welding current is turned off in order to interrupt its connection to the weldment. With our TIG-200PI IGBT welder, the use of electrodes is possible within a range of 1.6-5.0 mm.

What is more, the TIG Welder is equipped with an error display, which switches itself on in case the intrument cannot be operated due to malfunction, or in case the welding set exceeds the standard loading period. When the latter situation occurs, protection mode will automatically switch itself on, and the device will be turned off. This way, your safety is guaranteed.

In addition to the TIG welder itself, a welding torch, an electrode holder, a ground cable with clamp, as well as various accessories are also supplied.

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